Hi! I’m Emmy van Thiel

Designer, International speaker
& Business Coach voor Creatives.

Emmy in a few sentences

  • 6 years of artistic education. Trained as Visual Designer (Post-graduate with honors)
  • 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship –> 8 years of runnign a succesful design agency
  • 3 succesful creative companies (The Visual Theatre for visual communication & branding, Magic Photobooth and Make Ideas Work – business coaching (only this last one is still up and running; focusss)
  • Twice a year I teach in China at Hunan Normal University, about 2.5 months at a time (pre Corona). Today I teach online – long live the internet!
  • Since 2015, I have already given more than 10 workshops in China alone, in 8 different major cities
  • I’ve worked for the corporate and creative sector over the years. Working for musea used to be my favorite. Untill I learned how to use my creative skills in the corporate sector even better…
  • My mission is to empower creatives to succesfully run their business so you can make a living doing what they love most.
  • I’ve helped over 675+ beautiful creatives to effectively realise their dreams and to grow their business in a way that feels good.


  • Huge swimming lover  🏊‍♀️ 🏊‍♀️
  • I’m a model for a hairdresser so every few weeks I have a different haircut and color. Pink or platinum blonde are my favorite colors

    Stronger than fear and doubt

    Armed with my treasure chest of knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship, branding and marketing, I help creative entrepreneurs to go next level.

    To overcome fears and to realize big dreams.

    Through 1 on 1 coaching, workshops, groups coaching and brainstorm sessions (both on- and offline), I empower you to grow. In the way that really suits you.

    And I am firmly convinced that anything you can imagine with your creative brain, you can actually realize it.

    But you don’t have to (and can’t) do it alone.
    You need someone to help you focus.
    Which helps you with mirroring and reflecting.
    Which is just one step further in doing business that you can rely on.

    Someone who is your cheerleader and who helps you if you feel lost.
    Because that also happens.
    And that’s okay, if you learn to work through it.

    That is why I am a firm believer of coaching. Investing in this helped me to grow fast. Coaching allows you to grow with determination and focus. In a way that feels 100% right for me.

    Finding a good coach who understands the creative brain is a challenge. Because you cannot just copy-paste standard techniques for business.
    That feels suffocating. And that will only make you insecure in the end. However?

    I’ve been there!
    And that’s why I’m here for you now.

    Before the coaching process, I had many insecurities. I was ready to settle for less than I am capable of only because of my fears.”

    Let me help you to succesfully run your creative business so you can focus on your passion!

    Apply for a free No More Nonsense session

    Every month I select 2 serious and ambitious creatives who are eager to go next level in their business and in their lives.

    The future belongs to creatives

    You’ll get the full package: My knowledge and experience in strategy, brandig and marketing AND entrepreneurship for creatives. I will make it easier and more accessible for you.

    We creatives speak another language


    That’s why I’ve developed my own systems, especially for the creative brain. I tested this with others. And it worked time and time again.

    Step by step I also started working less and less in order to find a healthier balance.

    While my turnover continues to grow.
    And I have been able to help hundreds of beautiful creative brains to make their creative business work for them.

    So they can live happier, more fulfilled lives by sharing their creative gifts with the world.

    I help creatives to create impact.

    This is my niche. And that is a very conscious choice.

    I also have a creative brain. So if you work with me you don’t get standard business strategies. I’m not going to tell you to create targets inspite of your creativity. This is counterproductive because it feels suffocating. You want to use your flow and do it your way. This is how a creative brain works 🙂

    I have been teaching in The Netherlands and  China since 2015. Because I want to.
    I wanted to combine travel and work. Sharing knowledge and tasting other cultures.

    No More Nonsense.
    Let’s do this.

    From secretly dreaming to succesfully DOING.

    I dreamed of one day showing my work in a museum. I managed to do that 2 years ago, not just anywhere, but in a museum (designed by Zaha Hadid!!) in Changsha. 1000’s of people visited the exhibition in just 2 weeks.

    I have been succesfully making a living with my creative business for over 7 years now.
    I have built an increadible portfolio – with projects for the Dutch Design Week, a complete corporate identiy for a hospital in The Netherlands, many books and websites – and all requests for my design work now come through word of mouth.

    Me and my work have been published in various books and publications, internationally. And I’m quite proud of this.

    I have made my dreams come true and now I’m sharing my knowledge with you so that you can too.


    And no, I’m not saying this to brag.

    I’m writing this because you need to realize one thing: it’s really possible. But you must have the right (entrepreneurial) mindset and you must know which steps you have to take to be successful as a creative person. So this is what I’m going to teach you.

    And now it’s your turn

    I am very curious.
    Who are you? What do you dream of as a creative entrepreneur? What makes your heart beat faster?
    But what do you encounter in your daily practice? And what’s stopping you from achieving your dream?

    Share with me what you want to share. Who knows, maybe I can help you or do I have someone in my network who can help you.

    Why am I asking you this?
    There are too many valuable ideas that are left on the shelf simply because you don’t know how to proceed. Deadly sin if you ask me. Not only for yourself, but also for the beautiful work you leave behind and for all those beautiful people you can’t help now, purely because your idea is not (yet) reality.

    Maybe you don’t have time. You may not know what a logical next step is. Or maybe you run into something else.

    No judgement. I am also creative myself. I know how vulnerable it feels to take this first step. Especially when it comes to an (early) idea that you secretly dream big about.

    Just share it with me. You never know where such a short message leads.

    If you take the first step by filling in the contact form, I will do my best to respond personally within 48 hours.

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    Voor creatieven die een BOLD business willen

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