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“With her enthusiasm and hands-on advice, Emmy helped me to step into my power and open my eyes like no-one did before.”

No More Nonsense.

Practical steps, tricks and advice.
And a gentle kick-in the ass so you gain confidence.

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As featured in…

“I feel like I’m stuck in a golden cage. Actually I should be happy with what I have and what I do. But deep inside I know I have way more potential. But what am I supposed to do? And how?”

Do you recognize this?
Trust me you’re not alone.

There are so many fantastic creative entrepreneurs who struggle with this.

Every fiber of your being tells you that there’s much more for you to achieve with your creative business. But…

✔ You get stuck in HOW. You are creative and you love your job. But when it comes to your business there are so many things that you have to deal with and you don’t know where to start. In the meantime your head is filled with exciting ideas. You feel so much potential. As a result, you are easily distracted. How can you possibly choose?

✔ As a creative person you can’t work with those standard business tools. Your brain just doesn’t work that way. You are not a typical entrepreneur who does everything by the book. On the contrary…

✔ You’re a go-getter and take many brave steps but that little voice in your head stays: “Am I the right person to do this?” and “Are people (in the long term) really willing to pay for my products or services?” This paralizes you. You’re afraid to take steps while the fear deep inside secretly grows. Will you be as successful as you desire in 5 years’ time?

✔ You work your ass off. You make a lot of hours and it goes pretty well actually. But unfortunately you do not immediately see this reflected in your finances. That’s why you still regularly take on projects that don’t make you very happy (anymore). And this infinite loop is a bummer.

You’re all about delivering good quality work (👋  perfectionist) and you would like to remain involved in the endresult whenever possible. But you also have a maximum number of hours in the day. As a result, you slowly create your own glass ceiling.

✔ Because you like so many things and you are able to do many different tasks, you lack focus. You keep things a bit vague because you don’t know it very well yourself. This makes you insecure. You want to get focus; focus on what you’re good at, what makes you happy and what grows your business.


It’s time to clairify that gray area.
To stop the Mumbo Jumbo.
To distinguish yourself from the market.
And to lead as a succesful example.

Do you long for FREEDOM?

To manage your own time.
To not only work for clients but also to work on your own projects?

To combine travelling and work whenever you want.
To experience more freedom in the financial field.

But also that your creativity is fully respected.

That you dare to speak out.
That you dare to be 100% yourself.
And that is precisely why you attract the customers who are exactly the right fit for you.

Without worrying about what others think of you or your work.

No More Nonsense.
Let’s do this.

From secretly dreaming to succesfully DOING.

Within 3 years you want:

Not a small company, but a company with impact.
You want to use your creative powers and contributing to the world.

✔ More freedom and enough financial resources to make this happen. To organize your own time and work whenever and wherever you want. On your terms. With a healthy balance between work for clients and your creative flow.

✔ Fully stand in your power.
Get rid of all uncertainties about your work and business related things, like quotations. You wan to do the work that really gives you energy.

✔ Distinguish yourself strongly from the market and become powerfully visible in your own way. In this way you will become a succesful creative leader and inspire others to stand in their power as well.

✔ The guts to be able to accomplish those things you desire and thus be an example for others and your (future) children.


But do you already dare to successfully sell yourself and your work? What’s your strategy? And what concrete steps are you going to take to make this happen?

Before the coaching process, I had many insecurities. I was ready to settle for less than I am capable of only because of my fears.”

Let me help you to succesfully run your creative business so you can focus on your passion!

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Every month I select 2 serious and ambitious creatives who are eager to go next level in their business and in their lives.

Hi! I’m Emmy van Thiel.

Dutch designer, International speaker
& Business Mentor for Creatives.

Others about Emmy

With her positivity, openness and genuine interest, Emmy knows how to ask you the right questions: no room for nonsense or your self-made excuses, but straight to the core. This gave me a huge boost! In addition to her positive energy, Emmy is very helpful and gives great insights that you can put to work immediately. Believe me: after a session with Emmy you will leave the (Zoom)room with loads of energy!

Anne de Vlaam
Creative content creator & Copywriter

Emmy is a super ambitious creative woman. Her passion and enthusiasm are very inspiring and contagious.

Emmy has increased my confidence and made me realize even more that I can stand up for what I feel and think and express that. After 1 phone call with Emmy I was inspired and I made the choice to fully implement my plans.

Emmy gave me the support and tools I needed at just the right time. And I still feel her as a support when I am insecure or doubting myself. Thank you so much for your encouragement, your enthusiasm and support dear Emmy! KEEP GOING!

Annelijn Swartjes
Pauze Knop

I’m entering 2021 with so much more clarity and confidence I never thought I would have before our collaboration.

Before starting the coaching process I struggled with work overload, inability to organise my time sufficiently, getting lost in too many tasks, working late in the evening, poor diet and not enough sleep. Basically I was stuck in a loop of work overload without bringing any improvements to the problem, I just accepted it as it is, like this is normal life of a designer.

I now feel more confident as entrepreneur and have a good grip on pricing. Without Intensive Mentoring I would have never gotten out of self-destructive loop I was in.

This collaboration also made me realise the importance of investing money in myself and my business. It brought me so much more than I expected, and made me realise I have to set aside my time and money in order to grow for the better and in the direction I want to. I’ve earned back my investment before this collaboration ended.

Hana Jira
Art Director @ Bonobo Glue

I was too stuck in ‘working for clients’ to think strategically. After our sessions I have become aware of my limited view of my business and have been inspired to look at it in a higher level / more strategic way. Emmy offered support at times when I wasn’t feeling well, and with that it gave me strength not to feel negative about it, but to do something about it in a productive way.

I now have a more positive image of my company than I had before; I see better what is going well and what is not going well and what needs to be done differently. I have a better idea of ​​my weaknesses and strengths, and of where I want to go.

This trajectory has given me tools to tackle the change in a structured / focused way. And I got practical tips and tricks in the field of planning, focus and productivity.

Emmy’s design background and experience make her a very good coach for creatives. She is able to make someone feel that it is all about him/her, and that is very special. She is not afraid to share things of her own, but it is always about the growth of the other. Rarely have I experienced such a good listener and so hard trying to help me. Thanks for that!

André Brocatus
Design Consultant @

Sometimes, a gentle kick in the ass is all we need…

Hi, I’m Emmy

I help creatives to be succesful entrepreneurs.

This is my niche. And that is a very conscious choice.

I also have a creative brain. So if you work with me you don’t get standard business strategies. I’m not going to tell you to create targets inspite of your creativity. This is counterproductive because it feels suffocating. You want to use your flow and do it your way. This is how a creative brain works 🙂

I have been teaching in The Netherlands and  China since 2015. Because I want to.
I wanted to combine travel and work. Sharing knowledge and tasting other cultures.

I dreamed of one day showing my work in a museum. I managed to do that 2 years ago, not just anywhere, but in a museum (designed by Zaha Hadid!!) in Changsha. 1000’s of people visited the exhibition in just 2 weeks.

I have been succesfully making a living with my creative business for over 7 years now.
I have built an increadible portfolio – with projects for the Dutch Design Week, a complete corporate identiy for a hospital in The Netherlands, many books and websites – and all requests for my design work now come through word of mouth.

Me and my work have been published in various books and publications, internationally. And I’m quite proud of this.

I have made my dreams come true and now I’m sharing my knowledge with you so that you can too.

And no, I’m not saying this to brag. I’m writing this because you need to realize one thing: it’s really possible. But you must have the right (entrepreneurial) mindset and you must know which steps you have to take to be successful as a creative person. So this is what I’m going to teach you.

Happy faces during one of my group trajectories, custom-made for creative entrepreneurs.

There’s too little business knowledge custom-made for creatives.

That’s why I’m here for you.
For you as a creative entrepreneur,
to help you successfully establish or grow your business.
To help you create impact and freedom in a way that suits you.

I’ve been there. I know the struggles of being a creative entrepreneur.
So you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
Branding, your positioning and powerful communication are part of this.
(online) visibility that makes you feel good.
Feeling comfortable selling your beautiful product or service while you have determined the right price for this (in this area there is a lot to gain for many creatives 😉 ).

It’s time for the unique Dutch (design) perspective on things.

Because let’s be honest; you’ve been trying it in your own way for long enough.
If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest you need a fresh perspective.

I’m here for you.
The only thing you have to do is book a free 1-on-1 call. My gift to you.

So we can get to know each other and I can see how I can help you best.

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