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Do you dream of a free and independent life with a succesful creative business, where you can travel and work wherever and whenever you want?

And do you have ideas for this, but are you unable to implement them, which causes you to don’t feel this freedom yet?


No More Nonsense

Get out of that brainstorming loop and start DOING!

Every month I select 2 serious and ambitious creatives who are eager to go next level in their business and in their lives.

Check immediately whether you are eligible for a No More Nonsense Session:

This session is perfect for you if you:

✅  Need of a brainstorm-partner

✅ Feel the urge for freedom and want to work wherever and whenever you want

✅ Want to use your creativity to generate income

✅ Feel you’ve waited long enough and now it’s time for (more) action

✅ Willing and able to invest in yourself

✅ Need a loving kick-in-the-ass to just go DO it


This session is not for you if you:

❌ Are afraid to take (exciting) steps

❌ Think of coaching as a exenditure and not as an investment

❌ Are in doubt about if you need a coach (yes you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now)

❌ Question if you have time now (everyone has the same number of hours in the day, it’s up to you to choose what you spend your time on)

❌ Don’t dare to dream big

During this session I will guide you further on your path: More focus, more confidence and taking steps to realize your ideas concretely.

I can show you opportunities and help you to make very practical plans so that you know exactly which steps to take.

My wish for you is that you go ahead and realize your ideas and dreams.
So take advantage of that flow and just do it.

During this exclusive No More Nonsense session you will discover:

💫 What you can do to realize your ideas based on where you stand today
💫 What obstacles are holding you back now and how to overcome them
💫 How I can possibly help you to create a free and independent life where you can travel, work and live from your creative business, wherever and whenever you want!

This session will take approximately 45 minutes and is completely online via Zoom. Pretty practical, right?

You only have a chance of winning this session if you are serious and ambitious. So take a moment to answer the questions below honestly (there is no right or wrong) and I will email you within 7 days whether you have been selected.

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Are you willing and able to invest in your dream (time, money and energy)?

Other creatives about the No More Nonsense session

My ‘No More Nonsense’ session with Emmy has brought me a lot. She hits the nail on the head, listens carefully and is wonderfully enthusiastic. Always nice to see such a token of creative recognition. Thank you dear Emmy for your gift.

Charlotte Roels
Theatre maker

Emmy has a very nice and optimistic vibe!
You are guaranteed to leave the conversation full of positive energy. The conversations are in-depth, so Emmy knows how to get to the heart of the matter and then achieve a result with targeted solutions. She knows how to find the mix between creativity and business, which is often a challenge for many entrepreneurs.

Emmy is very involved and takes you along in the processes that she herself has encountered in the past, this creates a very nice and connecting feeling that you are not alone!

In short, a very special and beautiful conversation. Thank you!

Branding Strategy & Visual Identity

Our conversation touched me deeply. You helped me connect the ideas I have and put them on paper in small pieces to create order out of chaos.

You guided me to act and follow my heart. Emmy, you have the gift of feeling what people need and putting them on the right track towards their own business.

I didn’t expect it to do so much for me.

Daisy de Groot
Daisy’s Photography

During this session, Emmy gave us new inspiration, insights and, above all, energy.

Among other things, we received good tips on how to determine a good price for your products or services, what social media can do for your company and how you can grow quickly by taking the small and simple steps. Thank you very much, we will definitely work on it!

Mirthe, Elise en Sammie
Designers and founders @Studio MES

The session was an impetus for us to look seriously at the business side of our design agency. Something that we know is necessary, but which we ourselves are too little involved in. That’s mainly because we don’t feel comfortable with that business side.

The session really shifted my perception of that. It made me enthusiastic because you managed to link it very well to our artistic goals. I have now come to see it much more as something that we can integrate into our process, instead of a separate part that I don’t really want to be involved in.

Joris van Oers
New media designer and co-founder
@Studio Krom

The name ‘No More Nonsense session’ says it all. Emmy knows how to ask you the right questions with her positivity, openness and genuine interest: no room for nonsense or your self-made excuses, but straight to the core. That gives a huge boost!

In addition to her positive energy, Emmy is very helpful and gives great insights that you can really put to work. Believe me: after such a session you will walk out the door with loads of energy!

Anne de Vlaam
Creative content creator & Copywriter