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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Happy faces from amazing creatives during one of the group coaching sessions 🙂

Over time I created my own glass ceiling: too many customers, too little time, too little income and therefore too much stress. I felt that I would have to organize my company in a different way, but I just didn’t know how.

I needed a kick in the ass, someone who could give me critical feedback while we had a close look at my company and its’ processes. 

Emmy really helped me to view things from a different angle. 

On February 10th we had our last session, on March 1st, 20 participants started my new training and with that I made €40,000 euros in turnover with my very first real launch.

If I hadn’t done this, I probably would have stuck with how I did it before. And besides the stress and the feeling of being lived that that had given me, I could not have made this turnover.

Emmy, I think you are a very nice person to spar with, I feel the space to really open up and even if I feel confused, I feel welcome to ‘dump’ everything with you without holding back because I know you can help.

I advice everyone an Emmy 😊  and will definitely turn you on again if I feel I’m stagnating somewhere in this next level.

Wendy van den Bersselaar
Creative online entrepreneur

I’m entering 2021 with so much more clarity and confidence I never thought I would have before our collaboration.

Before starting the coaching process I struggled with work overload, inability to organise my time sufficiently, getting lost in too many tasks, working late in the evening, poor diet and not enough sleep. Basically I was stuck in a loop of work overload without bringing any improvements to the problem, I just accepted it as it is, like this is normal life of a designer.

This collaboration not only tackled my problems, but it also shed a light on many other aspects of my work and life I wasn’t aware of, or I was just ignoring them. I now feel more confident as entrepreneur and have a good grip on pricing. Without Intensive Mentoring I would have never gotten out of self-destructive loop I was in.

I would have gone through one of the most challenging periods applying the old ways that I thought were correct and that would dig an even deeper hole for my problems. I would never ask myself some crucial questions that were very important in order for me to figure out what I want and which steps to take next.

Since this was my first time investing in coaching, I was afraid how it will go, but because Emmy is radiating with positive energy and has a friendly, relaxed approach to the sessions, this mentorship felt more like talking to my friend who is honest to me and knows when I need gentle kick in the ass.

This collaboration also made me realise the importance of investing money in myself and my business. It brought me so much more than I expected, and made me realise I have to set aside my time and money in order to grow for the better and in the direction I want to. I’ve earned back my investment before this collaboration ended.

Hana Jira
Art Director @ Bonobo Glue

Before the coaching process, I had many insecurities. I was ready to settle for less than I am capable of only because of my fears.

I said yes to Intensive Mentoring with Emmy after I saw such big positive progress in my partner’s business after only a few sessions with Emmy.

Emmy was able to direct my, at that moment, still undefined business attempts in the right directions while keeping me in a positive mindset and motivating me to strive for more.

She doesn’t only give you a magical fast solution for an individual problem or dilemma, she teaches you to be your own long-term problem-solving solution. Her techniques can be applied each time when you face a hard time. During Emmy’s mentoring I came up with a clear path and plans for my business.

Emmy’s positivity and confidence are contagious! Even though all of our sessions were very intense, at the same time it felt like a newly discovered fuel for my future actions.

The thing I will never forget about this journey is the feeling of freedom and control it brought to my everyday life.

Dear Emmy, it was such a pleasure to go through this journey with you! Never stop sharing your knowledge with others 🙂

Nikolina Sabljak
Photographer @Photons

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

Emmy has a very nice and optimistic vibe!
You are guaranteed to leave the conversation full of positive energy. The conversations are in-depth, so Emmy knows how to get to the heart of the matter and then achieve a result with targeted solutions. She knows how to find the mix between creativity and business, which is often a challenge for many entrepreneurs.

Emmy is very involved and takes you along in the processes that she herself has encountered in the past, this creates a very nice and connecting feeling that you are not alone!

In short, a very special and beautiful conversation. Thank you!

Branding Strategy & Visual Identity

The name ‘No More Nonsense session’ says it all. Emmy knows how to ask you the right questions with her positivity, openness and genuine interest: no room for nonsense or your self-made excuses, but straight to the core. That gives a huge boost!

In addition to her positive energy, Emmy is very helpful and gives great insights that you can really put to work. Believe me: after such a session you will walk out the door with loads of energy!

Anne de Vlaam
Creative content creator & Copywriter

Our conversation touched me deeply. You helped me connect the ideas I have and put them on paper in small pieces to create order out of chaos.

You guided me to act and follow my heart. Emmy, you have the gift of feeling what people need and putting them on the right track towards their own business.

I didn’t expect it to do so much for me.

Daisy de Groot
Daisy’s photography

During this session, Emmy gave us new inspiration, insights and, above all, energy.

Among other things, we received good tips on how to determine a good price for your products or services, what social media can do for your company and how you can grow quickly by taking the small and simple steps. Thank you very much, we will definitely work on it!

Mirthe, Elise en Sammie
Designers and founders @Studio MES

The session was an impetus for us to look seriously at the business side of our design agency. Something that we know is necessary, but which we ourselves are too little involved in. That’s mainly because we don’t feel comfortable with that business side.

The session really shifted my perception of that. It made me enthusiastic because you managed to link it very well to our artistic goals. I have now come to see it much more as something that we can integrate into our process, instead of a separate part that I don’t really want to be involved in.

Joris van Oers
Digital designer and co-founder
@Studio Krom

My ‘No More Nonsense’ session with Emmy has brought me a lot. She hits the nail on the head, listens carefully and is wonderfully enthusiastic. 

Always nice to see such a token of creative recognition. Thank you dear Emmy for your gift.

Charlotte Roels
Theatre maker

I contacted Emmy after recently starting my business. I had just graduated from the HKU (artschool in NL) and was looking for extra help, support and handles around creative entrepreneurship. I had a very strong need to find a clear focus for my company and for more self-confidence as an entrepreneur. With this request for help, I started the 1 on 1 intensive mentoring process with Emmy.

In the 3 months in which she has coached me, I have made huge leaps that I might have taken on my own, but at a much slower pace. Emmy understands entrepreneurship and the creative profession, recognizes the pitfalls and understands better than anyone what is involved when you want to turn your passion into your work. As Emmy says herself, you can do two things: you can take the steam train by doing it all on your own, or you can get on this high speed train! And she certainly delivered on that promise.

I am sure that I will keep in touch with Emmy and that I will use her help more often. I highly recommend Emmy and her services so that others can experience the same growth that I have.

Nadine van den Berg
Designer for positive impact

I was too stuck in ‘working for clients’ to think strategically. After our sessions I have become aware of my limited view of my business and have been inspired to look at it in a higher level / more strategic way. Emmy offered support at times when I wasn’t feeling well, and with that it gave me strength not to feel negative about it, but to do something about it in a productive way.

I now have a more positive image of my company than I had before; I see better what is going well and what is not going well and what needs to be done differently. I have a better idea of ​​my weaknesses and strengths, and of where I want to go.

This trajectory has given me tools to tackle the change in a structured / focused way. And I got practical tips and tricks in the field of planning, focus and productivity.

Emmy’s design background and experience make her a very good coach for creatives. She is able to make someone feel that it is all about him/her, and that is very special. She is not afraid to share things of her own, but it is always about the growth of the other. Rarely have I experienced such a good listener and so hard trying to help me. Thanks for that!

André Brocatus
Design Consultant @ abdc.nl

Emmy is a super ambitious creative woman. Her passion and enthusiasm are very inspiring and contagious.

Emmy has increased my confidence and made me realize even more that I can stand up for what I feel and think and express that. After 1 phone call with Emmy I was inspired and I made the choice to fully implement my plans.

Emmy gave me the support and tools I needed at just the right time. And I still feel her as a support when I am insecure or doubting myself. Thank you so much for your encouragement, your enthusiasm and support dear Emmy! KEEP GOING!

Annelijn Swartjes
Pauze Knop

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