Emmy van Thiel

Design Manager, Art Director, Strategist and (business) Coach

The cases described on this page are part of the portfolio of Emmy van Thiel.

As an expert in the field of UI & UX, I help organizations solve innovation issues and take strategic steps in the field of product offering and scaling up on both the revenue-increasing and cost-reducing side.

I’m looking for a new experience with a strong team. An experience in which I  can use my skills as a (UX/UI) design manager and my eye for user-centered design, branding and customer journeys. A position where there is also room for my leadership skills and where I can combine my extensive experience in training and coaching creatives.

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Amphia Hospital

In 2015 I was asked to provide the Amphia Hospital in Breda with a new look and feel; from research into desires and interests within the organization, creative sessions with the communication team, (interactive) presentations with stakeholders to a new logo, the entire visual identity and corporate style manual and printed matter. In addition we designed design systems for Amphia’s communication team and had a close collaboration with the developers of the website (appointed by the customer), so that the style was safeguarded.


From about 2017 I started working with Caradt, a commercial branch within Avans University of Applied Sciences, that is responsible for research and expertise of various lecturers, researchers and clients.

After having already provided various designs for them (branding, books, campagins), they asked me to take on this role as Art Director and Design Manager. The question was quite complex; logically bringing together research faculties, research results and events for various target groups (both students, potential clients and other research centers). And that too in a visually appealing way. For this project I put together a team of designers and developers and I had to deal with various stakeholders within Avans, such as the ‘director’ of Caradt, lecturers (with very clear opinions and differing wishes), employees of Caradt, etc.

Thanks to close cooperation with the customer, multiple strategic and creative sessions, agile working methods, short sprints, interactive presentations and great collaborations with designers and developers, we have created a distinctive website that the customer is very satisfied with.

View the website here >>

Alpro Identity for Masterplan Wevelgem

Last year I provided Design & Art Direction for an internal branding process for Alpro Wevelgem.

This project had to be completed within 2 weeks. This required extremely clear planning with expectation management. Not only for the customer and the different stakeholders
but also for the designer I managed.

The result is an identity (to be used internally) to empower the innovative plans Aplro has. It includes a set of icons and a powerpoint presentation format that is being used amongst others for presentations, discussions with stakeholders.

Leadership, management and (international) coaching

In 2014 I came up with a concept with which I organized (design) workshops in various schools and locations, mainly art and design related. Participants were extremele enthousiastic so I had the chance to develop more workshops on various locations. This was cool, tasted like more. In addition, I had a wish; travelling, discovering cultures. Preferably while getting paid for it.
That’s what awakened my inner entrepreneur; In collaboration with a Chinese colleague and my partner, we further developed these workshops and brought them to China. Successfully.

Between 2015 and 2018, we traveled to China several times to conduct a total of 9 workshops at universities in 6 Chinese cities. At a certain point, these workshops gave way to part-time teaching at a Chinese university. Teaching in Changsha twice a year for 2.5 months while my company was running smoothly and I was able to maintain contact with customers and the designers I managed.

COVID-19 meant that I was last in Changsha in December 2019 and classes continued online. (Also super interesting to design lessons in such a way that they can be followed via Zoom and are also fun, but that’s another story I’m sure we can elaborately talk about…)

Through travelling, teaching and coaching creatives with various cultural backgrounds, I have learned a lot about how to enthuse, motivate and let people with different mindsets discover what qualities they have and make them unique. I discovered multiple methods to train and share knowledge. During these lessons and workshops I also found out how much I care about empowering people though sharing skills and knowledge of various kinds.

Emmy van Thiel

Design Manager, Art Director, Strategist and (business) Coach

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