Why would I change something that works well?

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It’s good to meet you here.

The question that triggered you on my business card is one that I still hear soooo many people say when I’m working for organisations and entrepeneurs, both big and small.
This one question killing innovation and one of the most common reasons why businesses don’t manage to grow towards their fullest potential.

To inspire you with how innovation can help your business to grow, I want to share an example with you. An example of a tool you probably know well.

Massive growth through one(!) single innovation

The first spirit level was invented in 1661.
It took hundreds of years to innovate it, while the way it’s innovated looks (and is) super simple.

In four years, this simple innovation tripled the revenue of Kapro (the company who is responsible for this innovation).

But why did it take so long to make this simple, groundbreaking innovation?
And what did they do to get the idea?

I’ll tell you in this video.
(This video is one of the bonus videos from the ‘Business Upgrade in 1 day’ online training)